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The Maximum shine your vehicle can produce without having it completely re-painted.

A complete cleaning of your vehicles exterior removing paint, bugs, tar, etc. Then going over the entire surface with a specialized oxidation remover and topping it off with a high grade wax.

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A complete detail consists of: degreasing the wheels, the door jams, and posts. This removes all the grease that builds up in these areas and collects dirt and road grime in which moisture soaks into and eventually causes rust. The car’s surface is cleaned of tar, bugs and road grime, then washed with a high quality cleanser. After it dries it is hand-waxed with a polishing compound to protect the paint and clear coat, then buffed to a high gloss. The car is then vacuumed and the vinyl or plastic surfaces cleaned, the vents are cleared of dust and dirt so the car can vent in clean smelling air. All the spaces that collect dust, dirt and debris are cleaned, this also helps the car stay fresh smelling. The car’s interior is then shampooed and re-vacuumed. The car is dried and ready to go.

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